Black Friday expectations tempered but still hopeful

Black Friday will be tamer than usual this year.

For many businesses, Black Friday provides a much-anticipated spike in sales.

With so many businesses struggling due to the pandemic, however, Black Friday expectations are subdued but still hopeful.

Black Friday will be tamer than usual this year.

With a pandemic still ongoing, many retailers such as Bestseller are tempering their expectations for the annual event that’s usually a sales bonanza.

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Brian Mesa, of Bestseller, said: “I think we’re trying to be cautious and don’t expect too much from Black Friday. Just with what’s going on, we’re trying to be optimistic..but realistic at the same time.”

Retailers that are lucky enough to have done relatively well are still looking forward to Black Friday.

One such retailer is MicroPac.

With so many restrictions, however, they’ve had to be creative to capture something approaching their usual Black Friday sales volume.

Alfred Calinagan, of MicroPac, said: “It’s just as important as for every other year. We managed to stay afloat, having a lot of essential products on hand, like computers, televisions, rice cookers, over time. And things that people use when they work at home and school at home. So we stay afloat here. But yes, it is still just as important as every other year. But for some occasions like this, we’re trying to not stick to just one day. We’re kind of stretching it out maybe within a week to give customers more time to come in and enjoy some of the savings.”

Macy’s manager Ryan Torres says customers have shown early signs of interest in Black Friday sales, which he says is good news for the store.

“Well, I’m positive. Customer response has been very positive as well. So that’s a good sign. And we should see that continue through the whole month of December,” Torres said.