Black Friday shoppers brave lines, COVID threat

(file photo)

Usually, Black Friday shoppers have to brave nothing more than big crowds and long lines.

In the age of COVID, of course, Black Friday shoppers have to brave a lot more.

At the Micronesia Mall, PNC asked shoppers what they’re excited about and how this year is different from last year.

As with many Black Fridays, shoppers were mainly interested in electronics, household goods and clothes.

And even this year, many were willing to wait in long lines.

“Down in Tumon, at Opake, we were there at like six..and we didn’t leave there until like..maybe nine. It just got hot,” one Black Friday shopper said.

Some people, however, decided waiting isn’t for them.

“My plan was supposed to be to go to Macy’s to buy towels but the line was very long. So I think I prefer tomorrow or maybe another day. So I just went home,” one shopper said.

As with everything else this year, Black Friday has been affected by COVID-19.

Many shoppers still ventured out even as they had to contend with concerns about their health and the various safety measures put in place.

“Last year was good because last year..even though you’re in a group and there’s plenty in line everywhere, there was no COVID. But now, due to pandemic, we have to social distance..we have to wear mask..we have know..everything,” one tired shopper said.

But for some younger people, what many call “the new normal”.. is simply .. just normal.

“Well, this is the first Black Friday we’ve ever gone out shopping. So it’s a lot of masks. A lot of people. Um…I can’t really compare because it’s our first one far so good,” the Black Friday first-timer said.