Blas Bill Would Send 2 Guamanians to Represent Island Before the U.S. Senate


Guam – Senator Frank Blas Jr. has introduced a bill that would authorize the election of  2 people to represent Guam before the U.S. Senate and in front of  federal agencies.

Senator Blas’ Bill #2 is entitled the Guam Self-Determination and Self-Representation Act of 2011.

Read Blas’ Bill #2

Bill 2 states “The people of Guam need a voice and a vote,” and it also states that “The people of Guam can no longer be relegated to the role of concerned outsider with no means to determine our own fate.”

The measure would allow for the election of the 2 new representatives in 2012. And it would provide for the same compensation, allowances and benefits as a member of the Senate.

To pay those costs Blas proposes “de-funding” the $333-thousand currently set aside for the Guam Liaison Office and re-appropriating those funds to the “Self-Determination Self-Representation Fund.”