VIDEO: Blas – Campaign Signs On Private Property; In Compliance With Law


Guam- Senator Frank Blas Jr. is one of the first candidates who started placing signs around the island to let the community know he is running for the Guam delegate seat. However, are the size of his signs and placement in compliance with the updated regulations?

Title 21 of the Guam Code Annotated on “Regulations of Political Signs” was recently updated by a legislation authored by Senator Aline Yamashita. Aside from the size restrictions, it states political signs on public property can only be posted 90 days before the September 1 Primary Election. It also says no political sign on public property may be erected within 100 feet of any intersection.

Blas wants to assure the public he is following the law because all his campaign signs are on private property. He mentions he already spoke with various land owners about his larger 8 x 16 signs. Blas notes the law permits those sizes and how early it can be placed because it is not on public property.

“The law states that signs on public property have to conform to the size of 32 square feet or no larger than a 4 by 8” said Blas. “On private property, the signs can still be as large as the owners would permit.”

According to the Guam Election Commission (GEC), the Department of Public Works (DPW) will be enforcing the regulations on political signs. The 90 day period to place any campaign sign on public land starts in June.