Blas recording played in court

Mayor Jesse Blas was arrested on federal extortion and bribery allegations.

Yona Mayor Jesse Blas was heard in a recording admitting to slapping, choking and punching Vickilyn Teregeyo, a woman he was romantically involved with.

The recording was gathered by Drug Enforcement Administration agents who seized Teregeyo’s phone. According to the FBI, which conducted a phone analysis, there were multiple recordings of Blas contained on the phone.

The one played in court this afternoon was offered as evidence by the government which is petitioning for Blas’ continued detention.

In the recording, Blas is heard stating to Teregeyo: “Still, I’m willing to help not judge you, yeah we fought, I slapped you, choked you…bleep happens. I still went out worked with the courts…I’m very connected I can make bleep happen and I did it for you.”

FBI agent Rafael Fernandez once again took the stand to clarify statements made at the previous detention hearing. Fernandez was questioned about the assault on Teregeyo. He told the court that it was Blas who first hit Teregeyo and then Joey Terlaje struck her again and dragged her into the house.

Blas’ attorney, Joseph Razzano, argued that Blas was Teregeyo’s third-party custodian and that she could not leave the home or she would be in violation of court orders.

Razzano argued that all the government has is “nothing more than hearsay from a person who violates court orders.”

The FBI agent responded that Teregeyo told the FBI that she made the recordings quote, “because no one would believe her story without the recordings.”

The government continued to contend that releasing Blas would present a danger to the community and that the recording and statement made by the FBI that he used a GPD officer to threaten the confidential informant are evidence that he would engage in obstruction of justice and witness tampering if released.

They shared their concern that Blas still carries the title of Yona mayor, indicating that there may be individuals who would rally behind the mayor if released.

The prosecution added that an investigation is ongoing into six other individuals, who Blas could attempt to contact and influence.

District Court Chief Judge Francis Tydingco-Gatewood, to ensure fairness, went through the 14 conditions of release to gauge if there are any conditions available for his release.


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