BLUE HOUSE: Another Victim Takes the Stand


Guam –  Another victim took the stand today [Thursday] in the blue house prostitution trial.

Arneen Tipingeni testified that she not only went inside VIP rooms with customers to have sex, she was raped.

The man who raped her, she says was police officer Anthony Quenga, one of 2 officers, the other David Manila, facing prostitution, kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct charges. Tipingeni told prosecutor Jonathan Quan that Quenga threatened to arrest her if she did not have sex with him.

She also said this happened 2 out of the three times she saw him visit Blue house. Each time, she recalls, Quenga kissed Song Ja Cha, the former lounge owner on the cheek after he was done in the VIP room, paid for his tab with a credit card, then left.

She said the first time she was raped, Quenga complained to Cha or Mamasan who then scolded Tipingeni by slapping her face. Meanwhile, former officer Mario Laxamana who was indicted with Manila and Quenga but took a plea deal to avoid jail time is expected to take the stand today.