VIDEO: Guam Fire Releases “Blueprint 2020”


Guam –  The Guam Fire Department has released its “Blueprint 2020” which includes a review of GFD’s past year and a timeline for the Department’s goals for 2013.

The Blueprint starts with a message from Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas who writes that the blueprint is “a plan to identify and analyze available opportunities and potential challenges” which will “assist our agency in preparing for the future.”

READ the Guam Fire Department’s “Guam Fire Department Blueprint 2020” HERE   

Chief San Nicolas writes that “safety must be at the top of our priorities and … therefore, we must provide the training and tools to perform safely.”

One priority is a permanent facility to serve as a headquarters.

“The Guam Fire Department has never had a permanent facility in which to conduct operations. Within the past few years, the Headquarters has been
forced to disrupt operations several times in order to facilitate moving from one location to another. These interruptions caused a ripple effect burdening both employees and the community.”

Another challenge identified in the report is the need for more fire suppression equipment.

“Most of the engines in our inventory are over 10 years old and cost a considerable amount of money to maintain. It is essential to continue identifying local and federal funding sources to replace our aging fleet and procure additional units to place at every firehouse.”

And “Emergency Medical” along with “Search and Rescue” services are identified as critical.

“Training and qualification levels for EMS personnel is a top priority for the Department. All Firefighters are to maintain several certifications, including Basic Life Support (BLS) and CPR for the Healthcare Provider.”  

“The GFD needs to support this mission with the regular purchase and rotation of response boats, jet skis, rescue ropes, harnesses and related equipment. Utilizing several local and federal funding sources, we are progressing with the purchase of light to medium duty rescue trucks and a fire boat.”