Basketball Coach at Untalan Middle School Charged With Rape, Students Might Have Been Victimized


Guam – An investigation is underway into reports from two students at Untalan Middle School that they may have been victims of sexual abuse.

UMS Acting Principal Valerie Kaipot says the students confided in a teacher after learning that Basketball Coach Christopher Leon Guerrero was arrested on charges of rape.

Leon Guerrero was arrested last week after the alleged rape victim filed a police report on January 20th.  The charges date back to 2001 when the alleged victim was 7-years old.

The school did not learn about Leon Guerrero’s arrest until reports were made in the media earlier this week but Kaipot says Leon Guerrero stopped coming to work on January 20th and was terminated shortly after.

Kaipot also mentioned that the school is providing counseling services for any students that may have been victims of abuse.

“Because two students confided in a teacher it is standard protocol that we bring in our counseling team, ” said Kaipot.  “We are trying to provide as much support to those two students who are making some claims that something has occurred in the past.”

The more recent accusations from students at UMS are under investigation by Child Protective Services and the Guam Police Department.

Leon Guerrero worked at Untalan Middle School as the Basketball Coach for almost three years..