Board of Education still unclear about Superintendent Fernandez


The Guam Board of Education convened last night at GDOE headquarters to discuss the investigation of Superintendent Jon Fernandez conducted by their legal counsel Gary Gumataotao. 

The Guam Board of Education convened last night at 5pm in response to receiving a 69 page report from their legal counsel, Gary Gumataotao last week. 

The report will indicate if Superintendent Jon Fernandez violated any policy or procedures and if those violations lead to criminal violations. 

The board went into executive session at 6:30pm until they recessed at 10pm.

Initially, Kenneth P. Chargulaf made a motion not to go into executive session, stating that although he was “pare” to Fernandez, he would not recuse himself from the vote, however, the motion was not seconded and therefore failed.

Meanwhile, Fernandez is still on paid administrative leave and September 27th marks the 50th day since he was placed on paid leave.

The investigation was part of sexual misconduct allegations which stemmed from a text message between Fernandez, and an 18 year old JP Torres student who claimed that the text message was sexually suggestive in nature.

Fernandez has since denied the allegations. 

Again, The Board of Education had one week to digest the 69 page report, but the board will resume executive session again on Monday September 3rd, at 5pm.