Board Postpones Decision on Dr Joseph; Evidentiary Hearing Will Decide Controversial Vet’s Right to Practice


Guam – The Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners voted NOT to suspend Veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph’s license.

However the case against the controversial veterinarian is not over yet.

Instead of voting for summary suspension, the Board decided to hold an evidentiary hearing on the complaints against the Wise Owl veterinarian. The date for that hearing has not yet been set.

Dr. Joseph is facing a summary suspension which would close his business down for good. The board must decide whether the charges against Dr. Joseph pose an “imminent threat to public safety.”

Dr. Joseph is accused of violating a court order that banned him from prescribing controlled veterinary medicines and he has been accused of operating on the wrong leg of a dog in his care. He has also been cited for not having a valid building permit.

Dr. Joseph is represented by attorney David Lujan who told Board members last night that the accusations against Dr. Joseph have nothing to do with his ability to practice veterinary medicine.

If the Board goes forward with a summary suspension the process could force the closure of the Wise Owl clinic and the Superior Court would not be able to reverse it.

The Board has previously ordered to suspend Dr. Joseph’s license, but in each instance the Superior Court reversed those decisions.