Boiler broke at GMH, but no impact on operations

Boiler No. 2 at the Guam Memorial Hospital has broken down. (PNC)

One of two boilers at Guam Memorial Hospital has broken down. It is another sign of the aging infrastructure at the island’s public hospital, but GMH officials insist that it has not impacted hospital operations or patient safety.

Facilities Maintenance Manager Zaldy Tugade says some of the tubes in the 30-year-old boiler began leaking two weeks ago and was shut down. GMH is now relying on its only other boiler which, Tugade says, continues to provide enough hot water to sterilize medical equipment and provide for patient needs.

“No impact. Boiler number 1 is still providing steam to our autoclave sterilizer and to our hot-water tanks. So no adverse impact,” Tugade said.

William Kando, Assoc. Adm. Operations, said they’re prepared to make repairs to boiler number 2 to keep it going.

“Our long term plan is to replace number 2. So we’re actually in the process of putting together an IFB package that will replace it,” Kando said.

Officials hope that repairs to the boiler will be completed by the end of November.