Bomb Threat at SSHS Today was Called In


GPD is reminding the community that any information about the recent bomb threats can be provided to Guam CrimeStoppers at 477-HELP (4357). GPD Officer Paul Tapao said if you call and the information you provide leads to an arrest, you could get a cash reward up to $1,000.

Guam – Simon Sanchez High School was evacuated this morning due to another bomb threat that was called in.


The trend has been written bomb threats on various walls within school campuses in the past couple of weeks, however, yesterday, that trend changed slightly as at least two of the eight threats were called in and a Twitter account is taking credit for the calls.

Just before lunch, the Guam Police Department received a report of a bomb threat. The school had to be evacuated. A sweep was conducted by law enforcement officials. However, since today is a half day for Guam Department of Education schools, students were sent home before the sweep was completed.

This is the 24th bomb threat reported at local schools in a month and because of this recent trend of bomb scares, Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez implemented stricter security measures at the schools including restricting or eliminating school activities until further notice. 

We spoke to a few Sanchez students who say they’re tired of these bomb threats and complain that they didn’t even get to eat lunch today.

SSHS Student Jeffel Devera says, “Basically, we had to go to the field which we had our lunch there. We didn’t get to eat our lunch.”
SSHS Student Richard Angeles says, “It’s irritating. We can’t do work and stuff. and no more bags. We can only use mesh bags or plastic bags.”

SSHS Student John Pineda says, “Some after school activities. We can’t use the gym.”
SSHS Student Nicolas Foster says, “All sports are pretty much canceled after school.”