‘Boonie’ flight flies dogs to their adopted homes in the mainland

These are some of the dogs bound for mainland adoption (contributed photo)

On Saturday, several boonie dogs were flown out to their forever homes!

Back in February, Guahan Paws for Pets received a massive influx of boonie puppies. According to Chong Mi Kim, an administrator for Guahan Paws for Pets, litters of puppies were being sent to the rescue organization for help on a daily basis.

Although the rescue organization has a strong pet foster community in Guan, many loyal members could not house the puppies due to their homes already maxing capacity with current foster animals.

According to Kim, the newly born puppies were added to this month’s boonie flight, which was already sending adult dogs to their foster homes in the mainland.

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“At that time, we were actually getting ready to ship out I think 4 or 6 adult dogs—Gracie, Lucy, and several adult dogs to the mainland/stateside. With this ‘puppy explosion,’ the puppies were added onto these flights to get them out of Guam. Once Again, we were lacking fosters,” Kim said.

According to Tina Guzman, who is the founder of Guahan Paws for Pets, this Saturday’s boonie flight event is in collaboration with Heart rescue and several other rescue organizations in Guam.

The boonie flight is being carried out by a third-party shipping company, made possible through the foster and rescue community’s fundraising efforts. Funds raised also helped provide the dogs with health certificates and airline-approved kennels for their flight.

“The animals have to have health certificates; you have to provide a crate or an airline-approved kennel. Then, we have to work through an approved pet shipper because United no longer ships animals. So we have to work with a third-party shipper, and then the shipper takes care of the logistics—like quarantine and stuff like that,” Guzman said.

The flight takes place today, Saturday, April 10th, at 4 PM. Although Tina says that the boonie flight is bittersweet, she is excited for her beloved furry friends to be welcomed into their forever homes.