Bordallo Back From Mideast Trip


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo recently returned to Washington, D.C. following a seven-day fact finding mission to Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, and Kuwait.

[Caption: Congresswoman Bordallo meets with Guam servicemembers at Camp Dublin in Iraq]

The Congressional Delegation was led by Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina and also included Congressman Chris Gibson of New York, Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama, and Congressman David Cicilline of Rhode Island.

The Congressional Delegation met with Karl Eikenberry, United States Ambassador to Afghanistan; General David Petraeus, Commander of International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan; General Lloyd Austin, Commanding General of U.S. Forces Iraq, and several other high ranking military officials to discuss issues pertaining to the training and equipping of combat forces, combat operations, reconstruction efforts, and training of the Afghan and Iraqi security forces.  The Congresswoman also met with numerous servicemembers from Guam at each stop during the trip.

“I am very proud of the men and woman from Guam who are serving our nation in harm’s way,” said Congresswoman Bordallo. “During this trip, our delegation met with several high ranking military officials to discuss U.S. military operations in the region and to discuss bilateral issues with our partners in the Middle East. 

While progress has been made to stabilize Afghanistan, there are still significant issues to address including leadership and literacy in the Afghan National Army.  Further, our visit to Bahrain reiterated the importance of maintaining a presence of the 5th Fleet in this volatile region to ensure stability for democratic movements in the region and to continue battling piracy off the Horn of Africa. 

This trip highlighted the continued oversight that is needed in Congress to ensure that long-term economic growth and stability in the region is realized and the U.S. missions are ultimately successful.”