Bordallo Calls for Reflection On Our Political Discourse In Wake of Arizona Shooting


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo issued a statement calling for reflection on the state of our political discourse in the wake of Saturday’s shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and other in Tuscon, Arizona.

Officials are reporting several individuals were killed in this event, and other individuals, including Congresswoman Giffords, were severely injured by a gunman in front of a Safeway grocery store where she was hosting a constituent meeting.

Congresswoman Bordallo states:

“The events in Tucson Arizona today are tragic and have no place in our society,” said Congresswoman Bordallo.  “This incident should cause us to reflect on how the level of political discourse has been degraded on many occasions.”

“We have witnessed across our country where the expression of views has come very close to inciting violence against those who would disagree with other people’s positions. My thoughts and prayers go out to Congresswoman Giffords and the others who have been injured or killed in this tragic event.”

“Specifically, my thoughts go out to Gabby’s family, staff members and friends as she recovers from her injuries.  Gabby is one of the most hard working and accessible Members of Congress. She is a leader in our caucus, and we hope for a speedy recovery.”