Bordallo Defends Record on Compact Impact in Response to Letter from Blas


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo is defending her record on the compact impact issue in response to a letter she received from her election opponent, Senator Frank Blas.

In his Friday letter to her, the GOP candidate for delegate was critical of Bordallo for not using the opportunity to raise compact impact issues during a hearing in Washington on the re-newal of Palau’s compact last week.

READ Congresswoman Bordallo’s response to Senator Blas HERE 

In her Saturday letter back to him, the democrat incumbent details her recent efforts to seek greater compensation for Guam from the cost of providing services to FAS migrants.

Among those efforts, she writes, is a letter she wrote in May to Governor Calvo informing “him that FAS migrants legally residing in Guam are eligible to receive Medicaid coverage for emergency services” and her recommendation to the Governor that the cost of providing such services “be shifted from the locally-funded Medically Indigent Program [MIP]” to the federal funded medicaid program.

She also points to a June exchange with the Governor during which she encouraged him to “explore exercising an option that permits states and territories to cover FAS migrant children and pregnant women.” And her continued “contact with the Obama Administration to discuss ways to offset local debts owed to the federal government with past Compact costs incurred by the Government of Guam.” 

However, in response to the hearing on Palu’s compact last week, Bordallo writes that “as a Member of Congress, my work must also address issues that have larger implications for our country and our relationships with foreign nations … the lack of agreement with Palau could have serious repercussions for the security dynamic in Micronesia as well as the greater Asia-Pacific region.”