Bordallo Gets Minuteman Award from National Guard


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo Saturday received the Minuteman Award from the National Guard Bureau for her support and contributions to the National Guard during her years in Congress.


The Minuteman Award recognizes outstanding achievement or service to the National Guard Bureau and is named for the Minutemen of the American Revolutionary War.  These men were members of the community trained to respond to threats at a moment’s notice and also helped Paul Revere spread the news that the British soldiers were approaching Boston.  A statue standing over the North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, dedicated in April 1875, depicts a Minuteman leaving his farm, signified by the plow, holding his musket, ready to defend his community at a moment’s notice. The statue symbolizes the qualities of the citizen-soldier of 1775 and of today.  The Minuteman memorializes the heritage of the National Guard, its mission and its role in American history.

Major General Raymond W. Carpenter, Acting Director of the Army National Guard, presented Congresswoman Bordallo with the award during the 2010 Joint Freedom Salute and Hometown Heroes Award Ceremony at the University of Guam Fieldhouse.

During the ceremony, Congresswoman Bordallo was recognized for her contributions to the National Guard.  Some of those achievements include support for an increase in Army National Guard full-time manning; $15 million in increased funding for the National Guard Youth Challenge program; continual support for the C-27J, Joint Cargo Aircraft program and a permanent flying mission on Guam as well as language in last year’s defense authorization bill ensuring equitable treatment for pay purposes of National Guardsmen and Reservists who retire under certain circumstances.  Further, the award recognizes the efforts of Congresswoman Bordallo to secure $25.3 million in funding for Guam National Guard facilities construction and modernization.

“I thank Major General Donald Goldhorn, Major General Raymond Carpenter, and all the men and women of the Guam National Guard for this recognition,” Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo said today. “The men and women of the Guam National Guard continue to lead the way in the transformation of the National Guard from a strategic reserve to an operational force.  I continue to be supportive of their important and unique role in our nation’s defenses and will support their efforts in Congress.  The Guam National Guard has consistently answered the call of duty to protect our nation and our island during times of natural disaster and crisis.  I will work with my colleagues to ensure that adequate resources are available for their growth and development.”