Bordallo: IG Report Critical of MARAD Management Raises “Significant Issues”


Guam – Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo is re-assured by reports that MARAD is addressing concerns about its management raised in a recent Inspector General report.

The IG report accused MARAD of “poor planning and oversight” in its supervision of a Port project in Anchorage Alaska which is 8-years past its targeted completion date and $800-thousand dollars over budget.

The Washington Times Tuesday reported that MARAD’s internal watchdog is also “worried” about cost over runs at ports in Hawaii and Guam, in the wake of  the Port of Anchorage fiasco.

READ the Washington Times report HERE

Bordallo is quoted by the Washington Times as saying the Inspector General’s on the Anchorage project raises “significant issues” about MARAD’s infrastructure development programs. But she also told the paper she is glad the agency is working to address the issues.

Bordallo is quoted as saying “I appreciate that MARAD took a cautious approach and has addressed many issues with the infrastructure program as they implemented the Guam Port modernization effort … MARAD, working with the Port Authority of Guam and other local leaders, is making significant progress on improving the port to support and sustain economic development and goods during the military build-up.”