Bordallo Leads Guam at Democratic Convention, Has National Spotlight


Guam Congresswoman and chair of Guam’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention Madeleine Bordallo had the national spotlight this week, as votes were tallied for the party’s national ticket.

Bordallo announced from the convention floor, the Guam delegation’s votes—the only ones Bordallo said Guam Democrats will cast for president—


“We want a president who is sensitive to our needs…a president that supports our rights for full self-determination and self-governance, as ratified in the Democratic platform.  Therefore, it is with great optimism that we proudly cast two-votes for Senator Bernie Sanders, one absent, and nine-votes for the next president of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton…” says Bordallo. 
Bordallo spoke later about dissent by Sanders supporters, many of whom walked out of the Wells Fargo Convention Center in protest after Sanders conceded Clinton’s nomination.   That followed release of hacked e-mails earlier in the week that showed party officials favoring Clinton, and forced the party chair’s resignation.
Bordallo says, “…and then we saw a number of them walk off the convention floor, but all in all…and some remained.  So, it’s always hard to lose.  And, perhaps in the days to come…however, we warned that we probably wouldn’t be able to get a hundred percent of them.  So, that was kind of expected.  There are some that were just very, very hurt that he conceded…they didn’t think he should have…and a few that even made remarks like, ‘We’re not finished, yet.’”

But the convention has now made history, nominating the first woman to lead a national party ticket for president.  But Guam residents won’t be able to vote for her.


Bordallo points out the Democratic platform calls for islanders to be able to vote for president.  It also addresses veterans and healthcare issues in the islands.


Meantime, Bordallo says a change in convention rules that she spearheaded years ago,  elevates the territories from last place in the nomination roll call to their place in alphabetical order—sparing the islands from near irrelevance after a candidate’s already secured the nomination.


  1. That’s nice that Congresswoman Bordallo was able to have the spotlight at the DNC. I’d like to remind voters of her actions back in 2009 that has resulted in WWII survivors on Guam still waiting to receive war reparations. Back in 2009, the U.S. Senate finally agreed that WW2 survivors on Guam would be compensated for their suffering at the hands of the Japanese military . There were 2 senators who were opposed to paying the heirs of Guam war survivors because they were concerned the payments could lead to more war claims in the future versions of the defense budget. The senators offered Bordallo a compromise in they would support the measure “if I agreed to limit claims only to those killed during the war and to those living survivors of the occupation,” she said. But the compromise failed and the Armed Services Committee cut the reparations from the defense bill. The compromise failed because Bordallo without consulting with world war 2 survivors refused to accept this compromise. That’s why there hasn’t been any payments to those who are probably in their 90s now. Congresswoman Bordallo REFUSED TO ACCEPT THIS COMPROMISE. I think people need to remember this when they vote in November. I say enough is enough. It’s time to elect someone other than this woman who let these survivors down by not accepting this compromise. She played hardball with the U.S. Senate and lost. That’s the sad reality. Maybe it’s time for some new blood in Congress. The hardest thing about having a job is knowing when it’s time to step away.

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