VIDEO: Bordallo Holds Closed Door Tele-Conference With Guam Senators and Governor’s Office to Hear Their Concerns With H.R. 4402


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo held a closed door meeting this morning in her Guam office via video conference with senators and members of the Calvo administration. PNC was not allowed inside but the congresswoman gave a written statement confirming that the meeting was about the concerns surrounding her bill hr4402 which would allow the navy to set up a surface danger zone over ritidian for their firing range.



 Senators aired their concerns this morning during a closed door meeting with Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo about H.R. 4402 a bill introduced by the Congresswoman that would allow the military to set up a Surface Danger Zone restricting access to the Ritidian Wildlife Refuge as part of their firing range complex. “What I expressed to Congresswoman Bordallo is that it’s very clear that the push back is gonna come and it’s coming from U.S. Fish and Wildlife and this is an issue between U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Department of the Navy and the Department of Defense and I just don’t understand why we brought it down to this point from a local perspective to say that if the local community doesn’t support Congresswoman Bordallo’s bill that the military buildup is not gonna happen,” said Senator Respicio.

 Although PNC was not allowed into this meeting which the Congresswoman called and held via video conference at her office in Agana the Congresswoman did issue a written statement saying: “I had a productive discussion with members of the legislature and the Governor’s office on issues important to the build-up and in anticipation of next week’s meetings on the Supplemental EIS. Our conversation was Frank, and we were able to hear many of their concerns, especially those over H.R. 4402. We have very difficult choices to make, but I am confident that we will be able to work together and find a solution that presents a unified One Guam position. I appreciated the Senators’ openness during the meeting. We will continue to work to decide the best way forward for the build-up.”

 Guam Buildup Director Mark Calvo was in attendance on behalf of the Calvo Administration. “The Congresswoman wanted to know obviously with last weeks activity and discussion on the bill itself locally what the political leaders on the island were getting from constituents and what kind of feedback we could provide to help move things forward with regards to this legislation. It’s still we understand with the Congresswoman on debate on the floor and I think resolution will happen in the next couple weeks,” said Calvo.

 PNC asked Mark Calvo what the Governor’s stance on H.R. 4402 was. “The Governor’s always been clear about supporting the buildup and wanting to facilitate it’s movement forward but with this case he believes obviously he needs to be cautious about how we proceed on any decision that moves this too quickly especially in response to original landowners’ concerns and even to observe what might be contentious among the federal government agencies so the Governor’s position is to encourage the buildup but not at any expense,” said Calvo.

 Senator Respicio said one of his major concerns he voiced to the Congresswoman is that he and other senators don’t want to take the blame for preventing the Guam Military Buildup when it is the Department of U.S. Fish and Wildlife who has testified in opposition to the placement of a surface danger zone over their Ritidian Wildlife Refuge.