Bordallo on DoD Master Plan: “It Appears the Total Cost and Timeline of the Realignment Remains Consistent”


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Brodallo has issued the following statement on the Department of Defense’s submission of a Master Plan for the Marine realignment in the Pacific to the U.S. Congress.

 READ the statement from Congresswoman Bordallo below:

“I have been briefed on the details of the master plan, which satisfies requirements included in the annual defense authorization bill at the insistence of the Senate over the past several years. I appreciate that it appears the total cost and timeline of the realignment that has been previously indicated remain consistent.”

“I continue to work with the DoD to ensure that they live up to their commitment of maintaining a net-negative footprint on Guam, and on finding areas of cost-savings that would enhance this program overall.”

“The information included in the master plan will better inform Congressional leaders and our community and will be deliberated as we move toward Conference committee on the FY15 NDAA later this year.”

“However, these details may change as final decisions will not be made until the final SEIS is issued and a record of decision is signed early next year.”