Bordallo Questions DoD on Proposed Firing Range Location


Guam – During a House Armed Services Committee hearing Wednesday in Washington, Guam Congresswoman Madelline Bordallo questioned Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn on the proposed firing range location on Guam.

Secretary Lynn was on Capitol Hill testifying on the Department of Defense recommendations to find additional Budget Efficiencies.

In a release, the Congresswoamn is quoted as saying that she “urged Secretary Lynn and the Department of Defense to strongly consider proposed alternatives to Marine training requirements like moving the proposed firing range to Tinian or using existing DoD lands on Guam.”

“I expressed my continuing belief that acquiring additional land on Guam for a firing range is unlikely and that, in order to get the military build-up done right, that all other options be seriously considered.  Secretary Lynn stated that the DoD will examine alternatives to the proposed firing range location, including a location on Tinian, and agrees that a resolution beneficial to the civilian and military community must be reached.  I appreciate the DoD’s willingness to seriously consider other alternatives for the proposed firing range location and I will continue to work with my colleagues and stakeholders on this important issue.”