Bordallo: ROD Leaves Concerns “Unfulfilled”


Guam -Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo is expressing concern that the Recrod of Decision has not yet resolved many of the concerns raised by GovGuam and island residents.

In a release, Bordallo states:

“I, Governor Camacho, and the Guam Legislature have repeatedly shared our community’s concerns with the Navy leading up to today’s release of the Record of Decision, however the resolution of many of those concerns remains unfulfilled.”

“While the accelerated timeline that was proposed in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement has been addressed through the adoption of an Adaptive Management Plan, concerns remain on critical issues such as the location of the live-fire training range and the transit carrier berthing location. 

“I have repeatedly stated that Tinian would be the preferred alternative for the location of the training range instead of near Route 15 and Pågat, but I am encouraged by the Navy’s decision to not finalize the firing range location until further consultations with all applicable parties have been completed.”

“Further, although the Record of Decision has been signed there is time before shovels hit the ground to get the Civil-Military Coordination Council established in a manner that will give our local community some controls to ‘put on the brakes’ should the pace of construction negatively impact our infrastructure.”

“I will continue to work with my colleagues and stakeholders to ensure that the military build-up is done right and benefits our community.”