Bordallo Says Ongoing Negotiations Should Resolve FENA Transfer Objections


Guam – Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo is assuring Legislative Utilities Chairman Senator Tom Ada that ongoing negotiations should present opportunities to change the provisions in the proposed FENA Transfer Agreement that he objects to.

Senator Ada, and other Senators, have raised objections to 2 provisions in the Defense Authorization Act.

One provision requires that the Navy’s water and wastewater assets be sold to GWA at fair market value. That fair market value has been estimated to be about $300 million. The other provision requires that DoD be given 33%  “voting representation” on the Consolidated Commission on Utilities.

Senator Ada has called both provisions “unacceptable.”

Read Congresswoman Bordallo’s latest response to Senator Ada

However in her reply to Senator Ada, Congresswoman Bordallo writes “We believe that the ongoing discussion on water and wastewater improvements Calvo and the Navy present many opportunities to consider the terms for consolidation [consolidation of Navy’s water system with GWAs] that are mutually agreeable.”

The Congresswoman also reiterated that the objectionable provisions in the Defense Authorization Act were inserted by “the Republican minority” last year.

“My original amendment did not require the sale of the Navy’s system at fair market value … Further, my original amendment did not include 33% board representation by the Navy. Again, the Republican minority insisted on that provision.”

In her letter, Bordallo also tells Ada that she “believes that a positive result would include a resolution of the two issues you raise and amendments in COngress to this specific authority that would be supported by DoD.”