Bordallo Statement on Compromise Reached Between DOI and Navy on Use of Ritidian Refuge


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo issued the following statement in response to a request from PNC News for comment on the letter she sent to Guam lawmakers regarding the compromise language over H.R. 4402.

READ Congresswoman Bordallo’s statement below:


“I appreciate Governor Calvo’s continued leadership on the build-up. This past week, I have had very productive discussions with him and members of the Legislature. I remain supportive of the build-up, and will continue to work to ensure that it is beneficial to the people of Guam. I again encourage our community to actively participate during the comment period on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. This is an important process, and it gives our community the opportunity to have their questions heard directly by the Navy.”

“I was informed today that the Interior Department and the Navy have agreed on legislative language that addresses their respective concerns and that authorizes a cooperative agreement on uses of Ritidian.  I have written to Governor Calvo and all members of the Legislature and I have provided them with the revised language that has been worked out by the Navy and the USFWS.  I requested that our local leaders provide me with their feedback before the House Armed Services Committee marks up the FY15 NDAA on Wednesday. I want to ensure that we are moving in the right direction to address the concerns of all stakeholders, including the concerns of the original landowners of the Ritidian property. We have very difficult decisions to make, but I am confident that by continuing to have an open dialogue, we will be able to find a way forward that presents a unified One Guam approach and addresses our community’s concerns.”