Bordallo Still Hoping President Obama Will Stop on Guam


Guam – The question of whether president Barack Obama will make a visit to guam—is not a dead one.

Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo is not giving up hope that the invitation she made upon learning that the President would be in Australia and Indonesia would be accepted.

Bordallo Spokesman Adam Carbulldio this morning [Wednesday] says Bordallo’s office has been in contact with the White House and that there is no doubt that the invitation will receive serious consideration.

But Carbullido told PNC News, “We recognize there are scheduling and logistical issues that the White House would have to consider in weighing the invitations.”

Obama is set to arrive in Australia today to discuss and formally announce a deal to rotate U.S. Marines through a military base in Darwin and conduct training with the Australian military.

After that he’ll be going to Bali, Indonesia. After which, the Congresswoman hopes, he may stop on Guam.