Bordallo Still ‘Stinging’ on War Claims Loss, “Embarrased” by Filipino WWII Vets Claims Backlog


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo complained publicly about the senate’s ditching war claims last weekend says she’s “embarrassed” by the U.S. Treatment of Filipino World War II Veterans.


Bordallo told a hearing on the huge backlog of claims by Filipino WWII Veterans, that she’s “disheartened and embarrassed” by the plight of Guam’s Filipino Vets but Guam’s Congresswoman is still steaming over the senate’s denial of war claims for other survivors of the war and Japanese occupation.

“It’s gone through the house, the bill, and approved five times. But just last week, again, it was denied by the senate—even though I found an offset for these claims,” Bordallo said.

“I’m suggesting that for all of those who originally claimed, and have died…that, perhaps, this small amount of $8,000, could be given to at least, one survivor.”

Bordallo argued such a legislative solution would cost just one or two-million dollars to take care of all the claimants. …that, when the Filipino Veteran equity compensation fund has some $50 Million.”

The congresswoman wants the Army to reconsider how it decides Filipino WWII vet’s eligibility for compensation. She’s also seeking a speedier appeals process, given the age of veterans.