Bordallo Welcomes Lawsuit Against DoD Over Pagat


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo issued a statement today [Thursday] welcoming the lawsuit filed today by the Guam Preservation Trust, We Are Guahan, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation against the Department of Defense over DoD’s plans to use Pagat as a firing range.

The Congresswoman said the lawsuit should should answer whether or not DoD sought all feasible alternatives. And she said that she remains unconvinced that a deal can be reached for the use of Pagat as a firing range.

Her complete statement is below:

“While I have not seen the specific details on the lawsuit, I believe that the suit will, once and for all, provide answers as to whether all feasible alternatives were explored when the Department of Defense decided its preferred alternative location for the firing range near the Pågat cultural and historical site.  I have continually urged the Department of Defense to look at their currently existing lands and Tinian to accommodate these individual skill training requirements.  I remain unconvinced that a deal could be reached to lease Government of Guam land near the Pågat cultural and historical site without major changes to the current plans.”