Bordallo Wants “Less Intrusive” Screening at Guam Airport


Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo is calling or “less intrusive” screening of passengers at a.b. won pat guam international airport. 

Bordallo says the October bomb plot against a UPS plane and last year’s Christmas bomber plot are “reminders of the on-going terrorist threat to the nation.

And while the Congresswoman says in a written statement she backs TSA’s “need to protect passengers,” she adds: “I believe it’s important to find a balance between passenger safety and privacy concerns.”

Bordallo concludes that TSA must continue to “invest in new, less intrusive, screening technologies” to enhance security, while “reducing the need for random pat-downs.”

A ‘dear colleague’ letter is circulating in the house, complaining Americans are “outraged” at the ultimatum they’re being given at airports.

The choice between a “virtual strip search,” or an “over-the-top” pat-down—it reads—“is no choice at all.”

Pennsylvania Republican Tim Murphy wrote Bordallo and others that new TSA-administered policies are being “derided from Americans everywhere, as a violation of privacy.”

A full-body scanner was just recently installed at Saipan’s Francisco C. Ada International Airport and one will reportedly be going in at Guam’s Airport, soon.

But Murphy’s apparently heard enough already and points out, the U.S. House voted “overwhelmingly, 310-118, as part of a TSA re-authorization bill to prohibit TSA’s use of full-body scanners as a primary screening method.”

Murphy charges TSA has “ignored this” and plans to deploy over 1-thousand machines at airports across the country by the end of next year.

Just under a million passengers went through Guam’s airport in the past year.