Both Tedtaotao & Mendiola Have Lengthy Criminal Records


Guam – One of the suspects arrested Friday night for the April 20th Nimitz Hill home invasion had been charged in connection with another notorious case last year, the Crown Bakery abduction. But those charges were dropped.

Raymond C.T. Camacho is accused of the actual kidnapping and sexual assault during the October 15th 2012 abduction from the Crown Bakery.  But he was also accused of forcing the victim to turn over her debit card and pin number during the course of that crime.

Raymond Torres Tedtaotao, along with Corina Lynn Blas,  were later charged on October 27 last year, with receiving that debit card from Camacho and using it to rack up $847 in illegal charges.

READ the Magistrate’s report charging Tedtaotao in the Crown Bakery case HERE [scroll down, 2nd one down]

In a telephone interview with PNC News Sunday, DOC Spokesman Lt. Antone Aguon said the charges against Tedtaotao in the Crown Bakery case were eventually dropped. He did not know why. 

The motion to dismiss was filed by the Attorney General on November 19 by Assistant Attorney General Gerald Henderson. It provides no explination as to why the charges were dismissed, but it was filed “without prejudice” which means the charges can be re-filed.

READ the motion for dismissal of the charges against Tedtaotao in the Crown Bakery abduction case HERE

In February of this year, the Superior Court Marshals Office issued a wanted notice for Tedtaotao because he failed to self-surrender at the Department of Corrections on February 4th, as ordered by the court.

Criminal Warrant CF515-11 was issued on February 7th. The wanted notice for Tedtaotao was posted on the Pacific News Center website on February 27th [see photo issued with wanted notice below].

Lt. Aguon said that Tedtaotao was supposed to have “self-surrendered” for a short term because he had violated the conditions of his release in a separate case involving  Attempted Burglary,  Identity Theft, Theft of Property and Fraudulent use of a credit card. This case was un-connected to the Crown Bakery abduction, said Lt. Aguon. [ It stems from a September 16th, 2011 arrest. Court Case#CF051511. .. see item 11 below].

 And following the issuance of that wanted notice, Tedtaotao did come in and surrender.   “He spent 30 to 40 days at DOC” for violating the terms of his release,” in that separate case, said Lt. Aguon.  “He had only been out 2 or 3 weeks when this other thing happened,” said Aguon.

READ the Magistrate’s complaint against Tedtaotao and Mendiola for Nimitz Hill beating HERE


Tedtaotao’s record of confinement at DOC dates back to September 12th, 2002.

DOC Record of Confinement for Raymond Torres Tedtaotao 

1. Date Confined- 09/12/2002, 02:07am:  Tedtaotao was arrested on charges of family violence, assault and terrorizing.

– 09/13/2002: RELEASED


2. Date Confined- 10/09/2002, 05:43am: A month later, on October 9th he was jailed at 5:43 am on charges of Aggravated Assault and  Use of a Deadly Weapon in Commission of a Felony. He was released just after 3pm that same afternoon.

– 10/09/2002 15:11pm RELEASED


3. Date Confined- 11/17/2002 12:50am: Tedtaotao was jailed on charges of Criminal Mischief (x2); Theft of Property (x2) Guilt Established by Complicity; Conspiracy; Possession of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance (Marijuana); Forgery; Fraudulent use of a Credit Card; Theft by Receiving.

– the record indicates he escaped in December, but was recaptured.

– 11/26/2003: RELEASED


4. Date Confined- 01/29/2009 16:20am: Tedtaotao was confined on 3 counts of burglary.

– 05/12/2009: RELEASED


5. Date Confined- 09/26/2009 20:50 pm: Tedtaotao arrested for Illegal Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, Burglary, Guilt Established by Complicity. Court Case Number -CF049909

-10/23/2009: RELEASED

6. Date Confined- 10/26/2009 16:00pm: Court Committed on CF499-09 by Judge Michael J. Bordallo pending violation hearing.

-10/27/2009: RELEASED

7. Date Confined- 12/04/2009 17:10 pm: Court Committed on CF0499-09

-12/09/2009: RELEASED

8. Date Confined- 12/22/2009 17:00pm: Court Committed on CF0499-09

– 12/24/2009: RELEASED

9. Date Confined- 03/30/2010 17:00pm: Court Committed on CF0499-09

– 04/02/2010: RELEASED


10. Date Confined- 04/08/2010 14:15pm : arrested for Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Mischief, Resisting Arrest, Conspiracy, Eluding a Police Officer.

– 07/07/2011: RELEASED


11. Date Confined- 09/16/2011 17:13pm:  One count burglary to Establishment, One Count Attempt (Burglary to Residence), One count Criminal Mischief, One Count Theft of Property, One Count Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, One Count Identity Theft. Court Case#CF051511.

-04/03/2012 18:30pm: RELEASED

THE CROWN BAKERY ABDUCTION occurred October 15th 2012

12.Date Confined- 10/26/2012 13:46pm: Theft of Property, Guilt Established by Complicity, Theft by Receiving, Criminal Facilitation, Hindering Apprehension, Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping, Fraud Use of Credit Card, Conspiracy to Commit Theft of Property, Identity Theft, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery

– 11/19/2012: RELEASED

THE NIMITZ HILL Home Invasion and beating occurred April 20, 2013

13. Date Confined- 04/27/2013: 01:36am: Robbery, Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Use of a Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony, Possession of a Firearm without a Firearms ID, Felonious Restraint.  


The second suspect in the Nimitz Hill home invasion and beating, 38 year old Anthony Paul Mendiola of Yigo, also has a record of multiple arrests.


1. ARRESTED>>>06/06/2005: 22:00 pm: arrested on 2 Counts Theft by Receiving Stolen Property, 2 Counts Theft of Property, 1 Count Forgery; 1 Count Conspiracy to Commit Forgery

NTA CASE- GPD Case Number: Ky05-02790

2. Date Confined- 07/20/2005 18:35pm: (1) count First Degree robbery; Guilt Established by Complicity; Criminal Facilitation; (2) counts Conspiracy to Commit Second Degree Robbery; (2) counts Theft by Receiving Stolen Property; Deadly Weapon used in Felonies.

-GPD Case Number: Ky0505875; Related GPD Cases: #Ky05-02790 and #Ky05-04533 

– 09/01/2005: RELEASED

3. Date Confined- 11/15/2005 15:25pm: Commitment Order on #CF024005

Committed as per Judge A.R. Barcinas. Released as per Judge M.J. Bordallo on case #CF24005 and Released as per Judge Linda Ingles on case #1C00659529.

– 11/23/2005: RELEASED


3. ARRESTED>>>01/09/2006 16:23pm: Criminal Trespass

NTA CASE: GPD Case Number: Ky06-00666

4. Date Confined- 08/10/2006 04:43am: Warrant of Arrest on Case TR06050008;  Robbery; Possession and Use of a Deadly Weapon in Commission of a Felony;  Possession of Firearm without ID; Terrorizing.

– 01/03/2008:  RELEASED

5. Date confined- 04/27/2013 03:32am: 2nd Degree Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Burglary, Criminal Facilitation, Guilt Established by Complicity, Jurisdiction Over an Adult, Child Abuse, Unsworn Falsification.