Box jellyfish and man-o-war advisories issued

Box jellyfish (file photo)

The Department of Agriculture’s Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources (DAWR) Fisheries would like to remind people to be on the lookout for box jellyfish.

Box jellyfish can be found on the beach or in the water, especially on reef flats. Box jellyfish are anticipated from October 30 – November 1, 2021. Box jellyfish can sting even if washed on the beach and dead.

If box jellyfish are seen, please notify DAWR Fisheries at (671) 735-0289/91/94 or email Si Yu’os Ma’åse’.

DAWR also reminds the community that Indo-Pacific man-o-wars are most commonly seen on Guam during the months of November through February. They are usually around 1-2 inches long, clear blue in color, and may have tentacles reaching 6 feet or more in length.

If you are stung, remove any clinging tentacles with a stick or other hard object then flush the area with large amounts of salt water. If a person has a severe reaction, immediate medical care should be sought.

If Indo-Pacific man-o-wars are seen, please notify the Department of Agriculture. Call 735-0289/81/94, or e-mail Indicate if it is jellyfish, or man-o-wars (the blue bubble).