Boxes Ready for Operation Christmas Drop


Guam – Large boxes painted with Christmas themes were carefully packed on Saturday as the Air Force prepared for the 58th Annual Operation Christmas Drop.

Sixty boxes filled with food, clothing, fishing supplies and other goods are expected to be dropped over more than 50 island throughout Micronesia this year.  Airmen from Yokato Air Base in Japan will fly from Guam to parachute the boxes for the event scheduled for the week of December 13th.

“We were able to get support from the Guam Community,” says Operation Christmas Drop 2010 Vice President Daniel Uchtmann.  “Simon Sanchez (High School) donated 1,000 canned goods.  We also had great support from our community leaders, the Guam Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce.” 

The Tokyo Rotary Club provided funding for the parachutes that will be used on the boxes.

Uchtmann says some of the islands benefiting from Operation Christmas Drop have as few as 35 residents, while others have about 200 people living on them.

“The feedback we’ve gotten is that these people have actually come to rely on us for this assistance that we’ve been able to provide each year”  Uchtmann explains.  “It’s a good partnership between the community and the Airmen doing training missions out here in the Pacific.”

Donation boxes will remain out at Kmart, The Sheraton Laguna Guam and the Micronesian Diver’s Association Dive Shop until December 8th. Uchtmann says OCD is still in need of donations of Machetes, Carpentry tools and Fishing Supplies.