Boyz II Men treats underprivileged youth to a night at the movies


The Billboard Chart record breaking R&B group Boyz II Men is on Guam for a concert tonight(Fri.) but before their concert they found time to buy out an entire theatre stadium to treat some underprivileged kids to a night at the movies on Thursday.

The R&B group hails from South Philadelphia. Some of its members like Nathan Morris are no stranger to financial struggles. This is why the Boyz II Men decided to reach out to some local organizations that provide services for underprivileged youth to take these youth to the movies. The Salvation Army picked 12 underprivileged youth to meet Boyz II Men and watch Star Wars The Last Jedi. The group Island Girl Power, which focuses on preventing teen pregnancy, suicide, substance and sexual abuse amongst girls aged 7-14, picked 33 members to attend.

“I think it’s just amazing because when do young people have an opportunity like this to meet such iconic musicians. Really, all of them know the songs and the opportunity to meet them and to do a showing a premiere showing that’s amazing. The opportunity is definitely once in a lifetime,” said Island Girl Power Director Juanita Blaz. Blaz says she is thankful that Boyz II Men took time out of their busy schedules to talk to some of the island’s youth.

We asked members Nathan and Wanya Morris why they decided to treat some of the island’s youth to a free movie. “Because you should man. I mean when you’ve been blessed with the things we’ve been blessed with you do everything you can man. We don’t come here that often, so I mean you know, it’s just something that we felt we should do it’s a good thing to do,” said Nathan. “I mean you know. We’re star wars fans as well and you know the opportunity to come see the movie was one but the main focus is you know to allow the kids that you know don’t get a chance to come to the movies a lot of the time and you know have the privilege of being you know taken care of in this atmosphere to be able to come and check out the movie and enjoy the festivities,” said Wanya.