BPT Credit And War Claims


During the second public hearing for Bill 220-36, Director of DRT Dafne Shimizu, DOA Director Edward Birn, and a number of senators present had questions about how the bill would be executed despite supporting the goal of the bill.

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Bill 220-36 allows businesses a business privilege tax credit in lieu of cash payments to pay every Guam World War 2 claimant regardless of the date of death and if they have not been awarded yet.

This bill would pay these claimants over the next five years in one of two ways whether it be by creating a tax credit program to allow businesses to pay war claims directly to claimants and with a second source of funding of 75 million dollars through section 30 of appropriations.

The credits can be carried over into subsequent tax periods and are fully negotiable and transferable at the option of the taxpayer.

Ken Leon Guerrero believes that we should’ve done something about it a long time ago rather than now because it just seems like the purpose of this bill is to buy people’s votes.

Leon Guerrero feels that the money should be used towards something that could help Guam now rather than giving money back to the beneficiaries who didn’t experience WW2.

Dafne Shimizu also added that she had some questions about the bill and how the tax credits are going to work, followed by Senator Telo Taituge asking to change and add on to the bill to address any uncertainties.

Similarly, Senator Telo Taituge had questions in regards to whether or not property tax, car registration, license fees, penalties and so on would be included in the proposed tax credits that applies to only BPT taxes because they can be negotiated by claimants.

Although Senator Telo Taituge supports and believes that the bill’s purpose is important, she doesn’t think we should rush the process of this bill and hopes it’s not being used for a political move.

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