VIDEO: Vandalism at Talofofo Elementary Forces Cancellation of Classes


Guam – Forensics officers were on the scene at Talofofo Elementary School this morning, dusting for fingerprints.

The school was closed today after maintenance staff discovered the school had been vandalized.  According to Principal Christine Terlaje four classrooms, the Library and the Cafeteria were all damaged in the break-in.

“The reason we had to close school today after I called downtown was because the cafeteria was damaged in the kitchen area and the whole cafeteria dining room had fire extinguisher sprayed all over the top of the tables and the floor,” Terlaje explained.  “Since there was no alternative area for us to feed I had to get advised to close school today.”

The Resource Room, room number 14, was the worst hit.  Filing cabinets and tables were overturned and sprayed with a fire extinguisher.  A kitchen attached to the classroom was also entered.

“They opened up the refrigerator door and took everything out and just smashed everything on the floor” Terlaje said.

It appeared that entery was gained into each of the damaged rooms by breaking or opening windows.  Benches were stacked up near the windows showing how the perpretator(s) reached the windows.

Finegayan Elementary school was also broken into during the long weekend.  Assistant Principal John Wesolowski says an empty cash box was taken from the office and papers were thrown around.  Graffiti was also found on the walls in other parts of the school.  According to Wesolowski the break in was discovered on Saturday.