Judge Says Mark Torre’s Father Can Go Home–In Time for Christmas


The Piolo family, meanwhile, says they are upset with the judge’s decision.

Guam – Former Police Officer Mark Torre Jr’s father, who’s considered a key witness in his son’s murder case, will be going back home, just in time for Christmas.


Torre Jr. is facing charges of murder, aggravated assault and manslaughter in the shooting death of fellow police officer Sgt. Elbert Piolo in  July this year.

Just today, Judge Michael Bordallo ruled on a motion filed by Torre’s defense attorney, Jay Arriola, for modification of bail conditions.

Initially, Torre Sr. was ordered to stay away from his son and the home where the alleged murder happened, which is the Torre residence in Yigo.

Torre Jr. has been out on house arrest and has been staying at the Yigo home while his father, Torre Sr. was forced to live elsewhere.

The defense fought the stay away order saying the conditions were proving to be financially difficult for the family.

Judge Bordallo initially denied the defense’s request, but today he lifted the stay away order and is allowing Lt. Torre Sr. back into the Yigo residence.

Meanwhile, the Piolo family says they are disappointed with the judge’s order. Sgt. Piolo’s brother, Edison Piolo, tells PNC that he’s upset. 

“It’s upsetting that [Torre Sr.] gets to go home. How would you feel? Put yourself in my shoes and [my brother’s wife and kids] shoes. Their dad’s not gonna be there while [Torre Jr.’s] dad gets to come home because junior is crying for the dad to come home,” Piolo laments.

“Be a man. Grow some b****, because apparently you don’t have some. You don’t even think about Bert’s life. Bert served 15 years, him 5 years,” he adds.


You can read the judge’s decision and order by clicking on the file below.



  1. The family of Bert Piola understandably should be upset with Judge Michael Bordallo’s decision. I know if a loved one of mine was shot and killed by Mark Torre, I’d be incensed to not only know that he would be under house arrest (what a joke!) but that his father would be granted permission by the judge to go home. The judge in my opinion has erred in his decision and should be ashamed of himself. Have the rights of the accused become more important that that of the victim? It sure seems that way. Remember people of Guam this judge’s decision and when his term is up for renewal, show him that there are consequences by voting him out. Where in God’s name do we get these judges?

  2. While this killer spends time with family on Christmas day, Bert Piolo’s family will take time to visit their father/husband at the cemetery. Can anyone see the injustice in how this case has been handled? The killer gets house arrest (rather than at D.O.C. and judge Bordallo’s Xmas present is to allow the killer’s father to return home. The same house that the killer is now residing in. Vote Bordallo out when his term is up for renewal.

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