BREAKING NEWS: DOC to Pay All Overtime Owed to Officers This Week


Payment may prevent a threatened court case from federal officials.

Guam – The Department of Corrections (DOC) announced today that it is paying out all past due overtime to DOC officers this week.  The Department worked with the Lt. Governor and the fiscal agencies to bring past due overtime current.     

“We have been working diligently with the Lt. Governor to identify the funds required to pay the prior year overtime and process overtime within the 2016 appropriated budget. We are grateful that given this delay, our officers and staff remain committed to the mission of DOC and the safety of the community,” said Director Joe San Agustin. 

DOC is currently working on a plan to ensure that future payments of overtime are paid out in a timely manner and overall overtime is reduced without compromising the DOC mission. 

“Part of this plan includes recruiting over 40 new corrections officers, which is currently underway at the Department of Administration,” San Agustin said. “Forty additional officers will equate to a 20% increase in officers, which will allow the department to reduce overtime significantly.” 

The Department of Administration just completed the testing of over 90 applicants for the Correction Officer I positions, and will be sending a list of viable candidates to DOC for interviews. 

“This is a crucial time for the department as we wait to fill these much needed positions, while maintaining the safety and security within the compound,” San Agustin said. 

“I want to thank our officers for their continued commitment the agency.  We appreciate the work they do.”