Brian Cruz’s sister reacts to White’s sentencing


In an exclusive interview, the family of Brian Cruz shared how they felt about the sentence handed down on Jaycee White.

Guam – The family of Brian Cruz has been through a lot since his death, but for his sister Katrina Contreras today’s sentencing hearing brought some relief.

“I was happy with the hearing of course we have been through a lot just with the death of my brother still when i speak about it, it brings tears to my eyes. And we finally got to say our peace you know and how we feel and what we have been through,” shared Contreras.

But that relief did not come from the apology that Jaycee White provided in court.

“He has to do his apology because his fate was up for grabs. PNC: Do you think that it was truly remorse? I don’t feel it was true remorse because how he carries himself outside the court room in public versus in the courtroom are two very, very different individuals. He claims that he would trade places with my brother any day he should have thought about that, he wouldn’t have to be making that statement. he should have though about his family, his children but right now our concern is Brian’s three young children they will never be able to see touch or feel. Jaycee was sentenced to DOC they will be able to go to DOC see feel and touch him. he will be out and he will carry on a normal life again,” expressed Contreras.

What did bring some closure to the family was that White will be serving time for his actions.

Contreras shared her mixed feelings, “Well, there is no amount of time, punishment, money, whatever that can replace loss of life. I believe that him being sentenced to DOC to serve time is appropriate although we wish there could have been more. Its what the jury found, we have to respect that and I’m happy that the judge sentenced him to some time.  It will never bring back my brother.”

The next step for the family will be to seek restitution.

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Jolene Toves
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