Bright Smiles



Launching on Guam during Oral Health Month  February 2013 Colgate’s award-winning Bright Smiles, Bright Futures@ global oral health education program continues to spread smiles to children everywhere. Throughout the world Bright Smiles, Bright Futures@ is embraced annually by  their families…speaking 3_0 languages in B_Qmniügi. The program is designed for children Ímmlindelganenjlf grademit will launch on Guam in February 2013 and reach almost 20,000 public school

Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures@ (BSBF) has always made it easy to teach oral health in the classroom. Now, the newest program in the BSBF series wraps intrigue and legend into a designed to fit existing curriculums, so teachers don’t need to add a new unit to their already busy day. And BSBF is flexible, so teachers can adapt it to their own classroom needs.

BSBF’s easy to use materials help keep the students excited about oral health throughout the year…they are developmentally-appropriate having been designed to work within an existing curriculum via an engaging video story and complementary activities. An example of this is _Z’hdgçmmLMmdQmfeaturing Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell -two cartoon dentists who lead children through the discoveries of oral health.

Family involvement is an important part of the BSBF methodology, so throughout the program you’ll find ideas and materials that end up getting parents and other family members involved with the topic of oral health for the whole family.


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commitment to Ybuilding a iifetime’of healthy habits provides children with burgeoning self-
esteem and a foundation for success  that’s the Power of a Bright Smile.

Colgate’s Global Reach

Tooth decay is a common chronic disease among children that causes needless pain, absence
from school, and loss of confidence. Throughout the world, many children do not have access to
basic dental care and lack the education needed to maintain good orai health.

Award Winning Curriculum

The Cornerstone of Colgate’s Bright Smiles,
Bright Futures@ is an award winning educational
curriculum, developed with an international
advisory board and translated into 30 languages.
ln the United States, our program materials and
in-classroom curriculum reaches nearly 9 out of
every 10 kindergarten students each year, 3.5
million children in ali 50 states, and more than

Head Stan program.

Delivered in partnerships with teachers, our t curriculum highlights how to maintain healthy teeth and QUmS ‘through engaging games and videos as well as instructions on howto brush
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properly. Distribution of free tubes of Colgate@ children’s toothpaste and Colgate@ childrens
toothbrushes  sometimes a child’s tirst toothbrush  is also an important part of our
classroom outreach.

Reaching Communities

In many countries, Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures@ is mobile. For example, in South
Africa We deliver our program through a train that brings health care services to the rural poor.
ln the United States, we offer a fleet of mobile dental vans staffed by volunteer dentists who
provide free dental screenings and education to children in need.