Broadcast legend Jon Anderson dies at 76 years old


Guam – A media icon has died, Friday morning news of Jon Anderson’s passing hit not only the broadcast and journalist community hard, but also the island he served for decades. a legend in the industry, he has helped shape the way we bring you news. In fact he helped launch PNC News First as the first anchor to sit on the anchor’s desk. His professionalism and love for bringing news to the island has inspired many journalist in the community and helped many island residents get through tough storms.

For journalists who have had the honor of working sided by side the broadcast legend Jon Anderson and those he mentored or inspired through his dedication and love for news, today is heart-wrenching. Whether you are in the industry or you were a viewer or listener, Jon was there sharing his passion and leaving his mark.

“On behalf of the Anderson family Mahi, Debbie, Darren and Kieoki they are deeply saddened to announce the passing of long time veteran and the father of talk radio Jon Anderson he passed away early this morning at GRMC after a long illness. Mahi says he passed quietly and comfortably. He has been in comfort care for the past week. the family is very grateful to those that came to visit Jon in his end days and all of his audience who have sent messages…his transition has arrived and again beautiful peaceful passing,” tearfully shared Newstalk K57 talk show host Patti Arroyo on her mentor’s passing.

President of the Sorensen Media Group Rex Sorensen shares quote, “I always admired Jon’s talent to know exactly what to say to diffuse tensions, to cut through the rhetoric, and to comfort our listeners in even the most trying times. I wish I had the words to express what a tremendous loss to our community and to our SMG family this news represents. To Mahi and Jon’s children: Guam is indebted to you, for encouraging and supporting Jon during his decades of service to our people. Jon Anderson is, and will forever be, the Godfather of talk radio on Guam. Rest in peace friend; you’ve earned this station break.”

Called to rest at the age of 76, Anderson’s legacy will forever live on in the hearts and minds of all those he touched. One of those individuals is former PNC News Director Janela Carrera.

“Everybody knows him because he was a radio talk show host so everybody grew up listening to him I remember during typhoons he was the voice I heard on the radio. My parents would turn on the radio no power no water but we had Jon Anderson and it was such a sense of comfort knowing that we had someone to listen to someone to guide us and provide us with information during a time when you know the whole island felt it was lost. She continued, my first experience in working with him was as a reporter for the Guam Daily Post formerly Marianas Variety I was a cub reporter at the time he became our editor and chief and I was in awe because this was the man that I listened to on the airwaves and now he’s my boss. I’m just so blessed to have been able to work under him and learn from him. as a journalist myself being in media not many people were able to have that chance to be learning from one of the best and I am just so fortunate that I was able to learn from him. He’s such a kind soul I mean anybody who meets him you just feel this sense of sincerity this sense of connection with him, he so genuine. There’s no one else like Jon, no one,” expressed Carrera.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero also took the time to honor the media giant stating quote, “Our hearts sank this morning upon hearing of the passing of Guam radio icon Jon Anderson. He was our source for news and our connection to each other through the
morning airwaves for decades – whether it was celebrating a triumph, mourning a tragedy, or surviving a typhoon or an earthquake. His voice brought us together more than any current social media channel ever could. Guam has lost a media legend whose
contributions to our island will be remembered for generations.”

Lt. Governor Tenorio added, “Jon’s integrity, as a radio talk show host, a journalist, and as a person was evident in everything he did. Our hearts go out to his family, most especially his wife Mahi, his daughter Debbie, and his sons Keoki, Maka, Darren, and Tony, who is a member of my security detail. Jon’s illness was one that cruelly robs the human body but leaves the mind and soul intact. It is heartening to know that he stands tall once again, his rich, velvety pipes now gracing heaven’s airwaves.”

Patti Arroyo, who partnered with Jon for years on K57’s flagship show, will pay tribute to her mentor and dear friend on the air Monday morning.

Funeral arrangements will be announced at a later date.

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Jolene Toves
Jolene joined the PNC team in 2017, as a producer, co-anchor and investigative reporter covering law enforcement, courts and crimes. Notable coverage includes the Ehlert case, the Mark Torre Jr. trial, the Allan Agababa trial, exclusive pieces on the Life of a Drug Dealer/Addict, and Life behind bars...the story of Honofre Chargualaf and Kevin Cruz. In 2019, she was promoted to Assistant News Director and Lead Anchor. From 2015 to 2017 she served as Public Relations and Promotions Manager, for the Hotel Nikko Guam handling local radio and advertorial promotions, as well as produced and directed tv commercials for the hotel. Prior to this she worked with KUAM for three years as a reporter and segment host. She began her journalism career in 2012, working with Glimpses of Guam contributing to the Guam Business Magazine, R&R magazine, MDM magazine and the Marianas Business Journal.