BJJ World Champion Frazatto Training Guam Jitsers


Guam – Bruno Frazatto is one of the top Jiu Jitsu featherweights in the world.  Frazatto has won important competitions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu such as the Brazilian National championship and the Pan American.

Frazatto started training when he was 15 years old and his fast rise to the black belt came due to his numerous titles, fighting many times in the adult division when he was still under age.

These past few days Frazatto has been conducting classes at the Purebred gym in Anigua, extending his knowledge of the martial art to Guam’s practioners.

Frazatto said that he thinks Guam is like paradise and the people are very nice.  He also mentioned that those who train jiu-jitsu on the island are excited to train, which is good, and the level of BJJ on the island is very good.

Frazatto will return to California on Monday.