BSP launches program to update coastal signage

The new coastal signage that will be put up at the Governor Joseph Flores Beach Park. (BSP photo)

The Bureau of Statistics and Plans is launching a program to update coastal signage.

With the new signs, BSP intends to not only convey important information but also beautify the island.

The program is federally funded and falls under the Bureau’s Guam Coral Reef Initiative.

Under the program, eight new coastal signs will be installed at Gun Beach, Matapang Beach Park, Ypao Beach Park, Tepungan Beach Park, the Agat Marina, Merizo Pier, and Talofofo Bay Beach Park.

But these won’t be your usual run-of-the-mill signs.

Tyrone Taitano, director of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans, said: “Instead of erecting the same old metal signs that have a tendency to rust, which is the standard pattern of doing this, we decided to do something more creative here, and engage with local artists.”

The signs will be created by local artists Austimon and WeeGeeWorx.

The project aims to raise awareness about how to protect Guam’s marine preserves and reefs as well as ensure that beach-goers are aware of important water safety precautions.

The project is also intended to serve as an interactive photo trail.

“It’s about engaging people, and the key part of communicating the information … important information … to the public is getting them to pay attention in the first place. Get them to engage into it. And we both know that sometimes these metal signs that you and I have seen around the island at parks and at beaches here … we see them, but they’re not always the most engaging. So instead of doing the same thing over and over again, we decided to try something new that also, not only provides a more fun experience in the park, but hopefully helps contribute in some small part to Guam’s competitiveness as a tourist destination,” Taitano said.

He added that once funding is identified, BSP plans to commission and install 20 more signs at various spots around the island.