Bud Amateur All Stars Schedule & Standings

Guam – The following schedule and standings were issued by the4 Bud Amateur Baseball League.
* 11-Jun   Wed      7:00        Agana Heights Blues vs Yona Redhawks
* 12-Jun   Thu        7:00        Ralphy’s Blue Jays vs Vipers
* 14-Jun   Sat          12:00     Agana Heights Blues vs AXE Stars
* 14-Jun   Sat          3:00        Agat Cardinals vs Rays
* 14-Jun   Sat          6:00        Chalan Pago Amigos vs Dongo Yigolos
* 15-Jun   Sun        12:00     Ralphy’s Blue Jays vs Barrigada Crusaders
* 15-Jun   Sun        3:00        Vipers vs Yona Redhawks
* 18-Jun   Wed      7:00        Dongo Yigolos vs Northern A’s
* 19-Jun   Thu        7:00        Chalan Pago Amigos vs Agat Cardinals