Buddhist group makes annual peace pilgrimage to the CNMI

(From the CNMI Governor's Office)

During Memorial Day week, the Nenpou Shinkyou Buddhist Denomination in Japan made its annual pilgrimage to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) to honor those who have lost their lives during the Battle of Saipan and World War II.

CNMI officials led by Acting Governor Arnold I. Palacios, Mayor David M. Apatang, and the CNMI Legislature joined the group on Thursday at the Japanese Peace Memorial in Marpi. At the site, the group participated in a prayer for world peace and for the renewal of the harmony between Japan and the Marianas, according to information from the CNMI Governor’s Office.

Palacios said in a release, “Today, we renew our bonds as friends and as neighbors in the Pacific towards building a better society and providing a place where people live happy, meaningful lives. There were many lessons learned after World War II, and the experience has made us better people and stronger individuals.”