Cash Strapped Senior Citizens Division Seeks Help Of Mayors To Better Serve Man’amko


Guam- The Department of Public Health’s Division of Senior Citizens needs the help of the Mayors Council to continue to provide services to the island’s Man’amko.

The division suspended transportation services on October 31 to all Senior Citizen Centers on Mondays for the weeks with no holidays. Elderly nutrition program meals were also capped and non fixed route transportation services were limited to only medical services. In total, about $800 thousand dollars were cut because of budget reductions.

At Tuesday’s council meeting in Hagatna, Administrator Art San Agustin spoke about the different programs they offer and the continued partnership with each of the village mayors. With 12 Senior Citizen Centers and 2 Adult Daycare Centers, San Agustin hopes reaching out to the mayors can help expand their operations.

“The cuts and the impact that was put through a press release remains as is” said San Agustin. “There hasn’t been additional cuts yet. We don’t anticipate additional cuts and at this time, we are just looking to work with the mayors and the vice mayors to see how we can further explore the Senior Citizen Center partnership with them.

While they only have enough to meet the Man’amko’s basic needs, San Agustin thanks community members for their support of the island’s senior citizens and their families.