Budget reconciliation package passes committee with some $335 million for Guam

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

The Natural Resources Committee has concluded voting and passing its portion of the Budget Reconciliation in committee, Congressman Michael San Nicolas reported.

Of note, San Nicolas said $993 million in Department of Interior infrastructure funding is included for insular territories, of which up to $335 million is estimated to be available to Guam.

“We are very pleased that the measure includes infrastructure budgetary allotments for the Department of the Interior as we need funding for critical infrustructure in our insular territories, paramount of which is a modern hospital and medical facility on Guam. We continue to work on ensuring this navigates through the Senate, and remain optimistic for a favorable outcome,” San Nicolas said in a news release.

While the intent to use up to $300 million in American Rescue Plan funds allocated to the local government remains in limbo after months of waiting, San Nicolas said final enactment of this Interior funding will remedy this, federally freeing locked up ARP relief money for the purposes it is intended — to help our people with relief and recovery from the adverse impacts of the pandemic.

“We urge local government planning to get in front of this and prepare so our people do not have to wait,” the congressman said.