Budweiser Baseball League Starts Friday


Guam – The 2012 Budweiser Baseball League starts Friday night, February 10, at Paseo Stadium.  The teams this year include the defending Moylan’s O.D.C. Braves, Atkins Kroll Islanders, Bank Of Guam Athletics, Agana Heights Docomo Cougars (formerly Reds), Paradise Fitness Junior Nationals, 76 Cardinals (formerly Cougars) and the Saipan Cyclones.  Team Belau is the only team from last season that did not yield a team this year.

The first game of the new season features a rematch of last year’s championship series. The Moylan’s O.D.C. Braves, who have won the championship for the last three years, will play the Atkins Kroll Islanders, who took the final series to seven games.

Prior to the 7:00p.m. start of the game, Mr. Frank Shimizu, Sr. of Ambros, Inc., the league’s sponsor, and Senator Tina Muna Barnes will present the 2011 team and individual awards.

League games will be played at 7:00p.m. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at Paseo Stadium.  The format of the Budweiser Baseball League will consist of each team playing two rounds in the regular season.  The top four teams will play a best of five playoff series followed by a best of seven championship series between the two winning playoff teams to determine the league champion.