Buildup debate leads to heated confrontation involving minor


The debate surrounding the military buildup led to a heated confrontation between an adult man and a female minor in front of the legislature last week. The man yelled in the face of the minor causing her to cry and sparking outrage across social media and even on the radio waves.

Guam – The military buildup has led to recent protests against the construction of a live fire training range complex at the Northwest field which overlooks the Ritidian Wildlife Refuge.

It has also led to heated debates between proponents and opponents of the firing range. During a public hearing last week on the legislative resolution to pause the construction of the firing range a man named Paul Zerzan was accused of yelling into the face of a minor girl who was holding a sign against the firing range.  A caller named Cathy McCollum spoke on the “Mornings with Patti” show on Newstalk K57 on Wednesday saying numerous witnesses identified Zerzan as the man who yelled in the face of minor girl making her cry. Zerzan called in to K57 and claimed it was all a lie.

“No, I have no idea of what she is talking about,” said Zerzan as he responded to McCollum adding, “I have no idea. You weren’t there. I don’t think you do either. This is hearsay.” McCollum told Zerzan, “You have to be careful when you’re talking to a minor.” “Yeah. I know that okay,” replied Zerzan adding “I have no idea maybe they confused me with somebody else.”

PNC interviewed the girl that Zerzan yelled at and she says numerous people identified the man as Paul Zerzan. Starlet Cruz is a member of a youth group called Manhoben Para Guahan (Youth for Guam) that is against the construction of the firing range. She says that after getting in her face aggressively and making her cry the man then testified in the legislature’s public hearing room and identified himself as Paul Zerzan.

“I was just holding my sign and some man just came up to me and started yelling in my face you know just saying a bunch of different things and I was just kind of in shock and I started to cry because I didn’t know how to handle that kind of situation,” said Cruz adding, “I just think it was not necessary at all.” PNC asked Cruz if she felt Zerzan was trying to bully her. “Yes, I did,” replied Cruz.

The 17-year-old says after the incident she sat next to Zerzan in the legislature’s public hearing room and offered him banana chips which he declined.