WEEK 2 of BOYS High School Soccer. BULLDOGS. SHARKS. faced off up north!

Okkodo and Sanchez. Both teams looking for win number on on the season. Hard fought battle between these two. Okkodo letting go of some crucial possessions deep into their own territory. Luckily for the bulldogs, Sanchez can’t find the back of the net. Both teams playing as physical and tough as they can. BULLDOGS not giving up any scores in the early goings of this match, mostly due to strong blocks from their defensive front. BUT the Sharks persistence pays off big, they get a breakaway, find some room in open field, pass GOAL! Sanchez on the board with one. ONE not enough. The Okkodo Bulldogs go off leash for three unanswered goals. Bulldog Offense firing on all cylinders, and it shows! Okkodo run away with the win 3-1 the final up north. Boys Soccer continues this week. Sanchez will face ST. John’s and Okkodo challenges Harvest.