Day 1 of 2 Day Oversight on School Bullying


Guam – Speaker Judi Won Pat, Chair of the Committee of Education is conducting a 2 day oversight hearing on school bullying which began Monday night. The focus is on the Department of  Education’s policy on prohibiting bullying, intimidation and harassment.


On Monday, Won Pat’s Committee heard testimony from parents and students. Won Pat says her office has already received over 4 dozen complaints from parents alleging bullying incidents that are taking place within the schools. 

The Speaker says it is not only the students who are complaining. Teachers too complain that they are being bullied by DOE Administrators.

“There’s one other thing that was really shocking to us is that here I just thought it was strictly among the students. But I’ve gotten phone calls from when they heard about this from actual teachers who feel that they too have been bullied by administrators of their schools. That was something new to me and that’s something I’d like to look into after this.”


Tuesday night starting at 6PM , Won Pat will meet with members of the Guam Education Board, the Superintendent, deputy superintendents and school administrators of DOE to see what the DOE is doing to enforce this public law.